The Top 10 Rules of Sales Success

Did you know that nearly 85% of customers have a negative view of salespeople? Perhaps it’s because most salespeople tend to put honesty and ethical conduct on the bottom of their list on things to do. While this may be surprising for some – or perhaps not, here’s what YOU can do to have others thinking differently about you and what you’re selling. Stick to these tactics, and you’ll be on your way to success.

Follow these top 10 rules of sale success.

Rule #1: Keep Ears Open & Mouth Shut

Does this seem like the total opposite of what you should be doing? Not really! The first few minutes are the most crucial moments of the meeting. While you want to introduce yourself as the speaker, don’t talk about yourself, nor your products, services and especially your sales pitch. You want to take the first few minutes to know your prospect and mention the purpose of your visit. You don’t want to cut to the chase on talk about your services. After all, how do you even know if your potential buyer needs your product?

Rule #2: Strategize with Questions, Not Answers

Forget trying to sell your product and focus on why your client should want to buy it instead. To do this, you must fascinate your customer by asking the right questions. Most people tend to build a wall of defense immediately when someone tries to sell them something. This could leave you with a sale.

Instead, make it your job to introduce the product, not sell it.

Rule #3: Get to Know Your Prospect

Ask your customer about the products or services they’re already using. Do they like it? Is it too expensive, slow or not reliable? Find out what they like and don’t like about those products. While you should conduct an impersonal survey, don’t hesitate to ask them questions that will help you provide them with what they really need.

Rule #4: Be Friendly, Not Plastic

Talk to your customer as you would with friends or family. You don’t have to be professional 100% of the time. Speak in an appropriate manner without the use of exaggerated tones and speech patterns.

Rule #5: Pay Attention to What the Buyer Isn’t Saying

Does it look like your potential buyer is rushing or maybe upset? If so, politely ask them if it is the right time to talk and if it isn’t, mention that you can meet on a better day. Most salespeople tend to forget about the hectic schedules of other people as they’re so concerned with their own.

Rule #6: Answer their Questions

If the buyer is asking you a question, make sure to answer it honestly and briefly. The meeting shouldn’t be about you but rather if you’re right for their needs.

Rule # 7: Mention What You’re Offering After You’ve Assessed The Buyer’s Needs

Be sure to take notice and evaluate who you are talking with. Knowing the customer’s needs will give you a better advantage of figuring out what to say and not say.

Rule #8: Refrain From Hour-long Seminars

Nobody wants to spend hours on end listening to you talk about your product. Choose a few important aspects to talk about that you think would benefit your prospect’s problems. If you can, try to reiterate the benefits of his previous statements.

Rule #9: Understand Their Needs and How Your Product Will Help Them

After you’ve followed these steps, you should have a general understanding of what your buyer needs concerning your service or product. With this knowledge, you will be able to establish mutual feelings. This will ultimately help you gain their trust, support and maybe even a purchase.

Rule #10: Learn Closing Techniques

Leave the offer up to the prospect. Closing a sale will make the focus on you. You don’t want them to be reminding that you’re “just a salesperson,” but rather a friendly human being that is offering their services or products. Once your client understands that, you will be on your way to making great sales.

Follow these rules of sale success, and you’re on your way to success. Building a strong relationship with potential buyers will lead to a steady clientele. You never know, they may even refer you to more clients you would have never expected.

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Infographic by: Marketo
Infographic by: Marketo

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