NAVIGATOR: Forecast Analyst™

Technology to improve pipeline and forecast management

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The NAVIGATOR: Forecast Analyst™ solution provides managers with an intuitive color-coded dashboard that serves as an opportunity risk analysis of the pipeline and forecast for the sales team as a whole, as well as for the individual salesperson.

With NAVIGATOR, managers can determine at a glance which deals are on target to close, which deals are in trouble, which reps are expected to make their sales quotas, and which reps need more pipeline to reach their goals.

Managers are able to see where they need to focus their time, identifying those salespeople who need additional coaching on specific deals as well as suggested coaching areas.

The Sales PROPHET® System integrates with most current generation on-demand and on-premise CRM and sales force automation systems. Each tool within the system is also available as a standalone version, offered in a collaborative edition for sales teams or a personal edition for individual users.

Download the NAVIGATOR: Forecast Analyst™ brochure or request additional info or a demonstration from the links below.

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