M.A.P.: Account Planner™

Technology to help you identify and dominate your strategic accounts

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The M.A.P.: Account Planner™ tool provides account managers with an easy-to-use strategic approach to the sales process including a map of how to create an effective account plan.

With M.A.P., an intuitive graphical presentation – complete with social media integration – enables sales managers to easily determine which accounts are winnable. Armed with this information, managers can then drive their account strategy to ensure that they are spending their time on the right activities with the right people needed to win.

M.A.P. enables the T.otal E.nterprise A.ccount M.anagement® (T.E.A.M.) methodology from The Complex Sale, focusing the account manager on a very strategic approach to building a complete account plan. Intelligence coaching is built in to the tool, prompting managers to coach salespeople on specific skills throughout the sales process depending on the status and direction of the account.

The Sales PROPHET® System integrates with most current generation on-demand and on-premise CRM and sales force automation systems. Each tool within the system is also available as a standalone version, offered in a collaborative edition for sales teams or a personal edition for individual users.

Download the M.A.P.: Account Planner™ brochure or request additional info or a demonstration from the links below.

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