COMPASS: Sales Coach™

Technology to analyze risk and identify coaching opportunities

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The COMPASS: Sales Coach™ tool provides an easy to use systematic approach to pipeline and forecast management.

With COMPASS, opportunities are tracked through all phases of your selling process, providing managers with the ability to easily integrate the R.A.D.A.R.® methodology into the forecast.

Typical forecasts are based on the salesperson’s perspective of whether or not the deal is winnable, when it will close, and the size of the deal. With COMPASS, managers have the ability to analyze these areas and provide salespeople with objective coaching based on the quality of the information and their confidence in the forecast.

The COMPASS tool is configurable, with intelligent coaching built-in to prompt managers on when and what to coach. The outcome is a much higher quality forecast and more valuable coaching sessions for managers to help salespeople win their most important deals.

The Sales PROPHET® System integrates with most current generation on-demand and on-premise CRM and sales force automation systems. Each tool within the system is also available as a standalone version, offered in a collaborative edition for sales teams or a personal edition for individual users.

Download the COMPASS: Sales Coach™ brochure or request additional info or a demonstration from the links below.

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