CHARTS: Channels Manager™

Technology to maximize revenue from your extended selling network

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The Complex Sale’s new CHARTS: Channels Manager™ software makes it easy to quickly identify those partners with the highest potential for growth so you can make the right investments to maximize revenue.

Enabling and leveraging channel partners is always a challenge. With CHARTS, whether you are dealing with alliances, system integrators, VARs, OEMs or ISVs, you’ll have the tools you need to drive partner revenue, mindshare and consistent execution.

With CHARTS, you’ll be able to measure performance, quickly identify which partners are investing in resources and executing according to plan, and determine how you can best collaborate on an effective joint business plan.

CHARTS equips you with the robust processes and intelligent approaches you need to maximize revenue from your extended selling network.

The Sales PROPHET® System integrates with most current generation on-demand and on-premise CRM and sales force automation systems. Each tool within the system is also available as a standalone version, offered in a collaborative edition for sales teams or a personal edition for individual users.

Download the CHARTS: Channels Manager™ brochure or request additional info or a demonstration from the links below.

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