Introducing the new Sales PROPHET® System!

Technology you need to maximize revenue in today's challenging markets.

The Sales PROPHET® System from TCS integrates with your CRM and sales force automation to help you better manage opportunities and accounts and ultimately win more deals.

Our Sales PROPHET® System provides the technology to power our proven sales methodologies and processes that have helped thousands of salespeople around the world become more successful.

With the Sales PROPHET® analytics and forecasting software suite, forecasts and pipelines become more accurate, salespeople receive the coaching they need from managers to close deals, and managers have insight into what salespeople need to dominate their accounts and ultimately make their numbers.

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This easy to use system includes five key solutions that can be integrated with your existing CRM system or used on a standalone basis:

R.A.D.A.R.: Opportunity Manager™

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The Complex Sale’s R.A.D.A.R.: Opportunity Manager™ provides the technology to power our proven R.A.D.A.R.® sales methodology and its winning approach to opportunity management. R.A.D.A.R. helps salespeople objectively assess each deal, quickly identifying which decision makers are on their side, which are against them and why.

This intuitive, visual tool is easy to use and provides salespeople and their managers with the insight they need to dominate accounts and win the sales they can't afford to lose.

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M.A.P.: Accounts Planner™

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The M.A.P.: Accounts Planner™ tool provides account managers with a strategic approach to the sales process including a map of how to create an effective account plan.

With M.A.P., an intuitive graphical presentation – complete with social media integration – enables sales managers to easily determine which accounts are winnable. Armed with this information, managers can then drive their account strategy to ensure that they are spending their time on the right activities with the right people needed to win.

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COMPASS: Sales Coach™

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The COMPASS: Sales Coach™ tool provides an intuitive, easy to use and systematic approach to pipeline and forecast management.

With COMPASS, opportunities are tracked through all phases of your selling process, providing managers with the ability to easily integrate the R.A.D.A.R.® methodology into the forecast.

Typical forecasts are based on the salesperson’s perspective of whether or not the deal is winnable, when it will close, and the size of the deal. With COMPASS, managers have the ability to analyze these areas and provide salespeople with objective coaching based on the quality of the information and their confidence in the forecast.

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NAVIGATOR: Forecast Analyst™

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The NAVIGATOR: Forecast Analyst™ solution provides managers with an intuitive color-coded dashboard that serves as an opportunity risk analysis of the pipeline and forecast for the sales team as a whole, as well as for individual salespeople.

With NAVIGATOR, managers can determine at a glance which deals are on target to close, which deals are in trouble, and which reps are expected to make their sales quotas.

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CHARTS™: Channels Manager

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The CHARTS: Channels Manager™ makes it easy to quickly identify those partners with the highest potential for growth so you can make the right investments to maximize revenue.

With CHARTS, you’ll have the tools you need to effectively enable and leverage channel partners to drive partner revenue, mindshare and consistent execution.

CHARTS equips you with the robust processes and intelligent approaches you need to maximize revenue from your extended selling network.

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