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The Three Pillars of Forecast Accuracy

by David Stargel, President & COO, The Complex Sale, Inc.

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Today, the focus on forecast accuracy and the pressure to deliver is intense. And, at the same time, there is article after article and blog after blog being written about big data, analytics, and all of the automated solutions to your forecasting nightmares.

Sales executives and frontline sales managers are looking for help and there are solutions, but it's just not as simple as a new software system or plug-in dashboard to your CRM. The good news is that the solution is not complicated. The bad news is that it doesn't necessarily come easily.
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12 Reasons Why Selling Solutions is No Longer Enough - PDF eBook Download

selling solutions Research shows that less than 50% of forecasted deals are actually won. Some 26% stall and buy nothing from anyone and 27% are lost to the competition. This is a huge failure rate on deals that sales reps thought they were going to win!

This eBook from TCS Founder & CEO Rick Page discusses how winning in today's economy takes more than consultative selling or solution selling skills. In any committee buying process today, you need political, relationship, competitive, and closing strategies or your reps will be consistently outsold.
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Our Sales PROPHET® System Has Launched

sales toolsThe Sales PROPHET® System, a major new release of the sales enablement software suite from The Complex Sale has launched and is successfully installed at several clients.

The new version of the industry leading software tools from TCS includes major enhancements in all areas. The R.A.D.A.R.: Opportunity Manager™ and M.A.P.: Accounts Planner™ modules both have significant enhancements including social media integration, new graphical drawing tools, and enhanced coaching.

The Sales PROPHET® System also includes NAVIGATOR: Forecast Analyst™, a significant new module that provides pipeline and forecast management and analysis tools for executives and front line sales managers.

This exciting suite of tools will increase your forecast accuracy and help you drive sales effectiveness to the next level.
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David Stargel named TCS President

TCS recently announced that David Stargel will serve as the company’s president and COO, effective immediately. David has been with The Complex Sale for 17 years, beginning his career as a principal and most recently serving as the firm’s VP of sales.
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