Coaching The Complex Sale

The COMPASS: Sales Coach™ deal coaching process is based on 12 coaching questions gathered from the best deal coaches in our customer base and personal networks.

Research has shown that effective strategy coaching can increase win rates as much as 20%.

Of course each question of 12 can explode into half a dozen or more other questions based on whether the manager satisfied with that part of the plan. So there are actually over 50 questions but not all are needed every time.

In this module we teach managers not only which questions to ask blind spots, assumptions, weak strategies, deals you shouldn't be in it all, and inaccurate assessments of preference and competitive strategy.

There is also a hosted software tool for COMPASS: Sales Coach™ that provides a red, yellow, and green dashboard for the manager's assessment of each deal. This will enable "commit" and "upside" forecasting based on your Sales Manager's confidence rating derived from a strategic review rather than just the percentage of steps completed.

Because of the effect of competition of politics, sales outcomes are binary and either won or lost completely.  The closer you get to winning, the closer you also get to losing.  The COMPASS: Sales Coach™ process will result not only in a more accurate forecast but a better win rate from better sales strategies.

Coaching the Complex Sale is designed to teach your managers how to coach the values and skills learned in our R.A.D.A.R.® - Strategic Opportunity Selling methodology.

Coaching is the key to the reinforcement and transformation of your sales force.

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