Sales Success & Sustainability

Unlike skills training, TCS can isolate and measure the impact of our sales process and training on deal by deal wins and losses.  Research from CSO Insights shows that less than half of forecasted deals close.  Better sales process, training and coaching can produce significant leaps in sales force effectiveness where it is implemented in a consistent manner.

The second book by Rick Page is Make Winning a Habit - The 20 Best Practices of the World's Greatest Sales Forces. The entire book focuses on how to build winning sales culture by making consistent habits out of sales effectiveness practices that your competitors do occasionally. For some organizations this means a total sales transformation which The Complex Sale Inc. is uniquely qualified to do.

The Complex Sale, Inc. Workshops:

Coaching The Complex Sale

The COMPASS: Sales Coach™ deal coaching process is based on 12 coaching questions gathered from the best deal coaches in our customer base and personal networks.

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Coaching Strategic Accounts

Taught by seasoned sales-experienced principals, our ability to relate to the sales reps and coach their deals is unparalleled in the industry. We conduct strategic account reviews using TCS software in a virtual remote environment. We can not only improve the strategies for getting higher and wider in strategic accounts, but also coach the managers and their ability to effectively do this themselves.

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Deal Tracking

One of the challenges in sales training is how to isolate the impact of a course or methodology on actual wins and losses. TCS has the ability to monitor the deals and accounts that we have coached and measure the impact of the process and strategy coaching sessions in the opinion of the sales reps handling the account.

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Metrics, Results & Behavior Change

TCS and our clients have focused heavily on adoption, retention, and execution of our processes order to make our methodologies "stick." Our experience has resulted in a seven step process that ensures that the methodology becomes part of your DNA rather a than training event:

  • 1. An organizational assessment of sales best practices importance and execution to guide priorities.
  • 2. Management alignment, customization, buy-in, and development of the Best Practice Sales Cycles templates.
  • 3. Installation of software support tools into your CRM.
  • 4. Deployment of training through live account workshops.
  • 5. Metrics for classroom acceptance, retention, and software tool adoption
  • 6. Training for managers on the coaching process and the implementation of a consistent calendar joint coaching sessions.
  • 7. Deploy metrics for utilization of software tools, strategy sessions, and the TCS pipeline quality and forecasting process.

The design of this methodology for deployment is to drive learning and behavior change through four stages - curiosity, awareness, skill, and finally consistent, sustainable execution to make winning an organizational habit.

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