Sales Management Training from The Complex Sale

Too often you take your best performer and promote them to manager without any real training. Universities don't teach sales management. The new skills that they need include hiring, deal coaching, and long-term performance management of their sales people.

The Complex Sale, Inc. Workshops:

Sales Management Academy

sales management training

The two-day Sales Management Academy from TCS is designed specifically for sales managers and includes not only deal coaching based on our COMPASS process, but also includes hiring, interviewing, and on-boarding as well as total performance coaching.

Our Sales Management Academy is not only a way to get a new Sales Manager the sales management training that they need to be effective immediately, it is also for any Sales Manager who wants to get their entire sales management team using a common language. This course can be taught on site for just your company where we can help you establish consistent standards, tolerances, expectations and principles so that you can effectively run your management team the way you want.
sales management

Coaching The Complex Sale

The COMPASS: Sales Coach™ deal coaching process is based on 12 coaching questions gathered from the best deal coaches in our customer base and personal networks.

sales management

Coaching Strategic Accounts

Taught by seasoned sales-experienced principals, our ability to relate to the sales reps and coach their deals is unparalleled in the industry. We conduct strategic account reviews using TCS software in a virtual remote environment. We can not only improve the strategies for getting higher and wider in strategic accounts, but also coach the managers and their ability to effectively do this themselves.

sales management