Sales Management Academy

The two and a half day Sales Management Academy from TCS is designed specifically for sales managers and includes not only deal coaching based on our COMPASS process, but also includes hiring, interviewing, and on-boarding as well as total performance coaching.

Our SMA is not only a way to get a new Sales Manager the training that they need to be effective immediately, it is also for any Sales Manager who wants to get their entire sales management team using a common language. This course can be taught on site for just your company where we can help you establish consistent standards, tolerances, expectations and principles so that you can effectively run your management team the way you want.

More about the Academy

Hiring Module

In the Sales Management Academy the first module is on our hiring methodology and how to tailor to your organization. Starting with the buyers buying process for their industry, we develop your Best Practice Sales Cycle. The actions and activities needed per phase then defines competencies, skills, experience and knowledge needed to execute your sales process. This then defines the sales hiring profile as well as questions to be asked during the interview process.

Total Sales Performance Management

Most HR driven performance review processes are not specific to sales and are therefore of marginal practical use. TCS, however, has developed a 65 competency Total Sales Performance Review process based on complex sales. This is completed by both the sales rep and their manager for the purpose of overall performance coaching and development. Of course the first step is to identify which the 65 competencies are important your firm and tailor this process to you.

Deal Coaching Module

In this module we teach managers not only which questions to ask blind spots, assumptions, weak strategies, deals you shouldn't be in it all, and inaccurate assessments of preference and competitive strategy.

There is also a hosted software tool for COMPASS: Sales Coach™ that indicates the managers’ assessments of the 12 questions using a red, yellow, and green dashboard for each question of each deal.

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sales strategyDownload a PDF brochure about this and other TCS workshops from this link.