Getting consistent commitment and high quality production from your channel partners is always a challenge.

With limited resources in today's markets, identifying the key partners you will continue to invest in is one of the biggest decisions you will make about your channel strategy.

Charts Channel Management from The Complex Sale will not only help your organization track and measure who your most committed and successful partners are, but the process will help your channel management team better understand your partners’ goals and objectives so that you can align your solutions with their critical growth plans.

We'll teach your channel managers and business developers the skills they need to gain "mind share" of existing and future partners. We'll also equip them with the process and tools to develop strategic short term and long term plans in partnership with their accounts.

With Charts Channel Management, your team will have the tools they need to identify which partners are investing and committing to long term success with your organization.

Charts Channel Management provides a complete framework to drive existing channel success and identify and grow new channel partners while maximizing your return on investment.