TCS Case Study | CGI-AMS

The Goals:

The merger of CGI and American Management Systems, Inc., in May 2004 created a multi-billion dollar global IT and professional services company. The merger united two companies now called CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc. focused on the public sector, communications and financial services. The company has nearly 30 years experience consulting with organizations and providing them with the strategies, enabling technologies, and partners they needed to grow and achieve measurable results. By combining their strengths, CGI provides clients with best-in-class products and services, available via their global delivery model, that allow for even more customization and flexibility.

The Objective:
CGI had three key objectives:

1. To grow the business and diversify, achieving a better balance between commercial and government clients;
2. To sell larger, more strategic, and outsourced opportunities;
3. To define a consistent sales process with one common language.

The Challenges:
With the merger, both companies had the interesting challenge of merging two different cultures. Until the time of the merger, CGI had been headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and AMS had been headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. AMS had annualized revenue of $900 million at the time of acquisition and almost 5,000 employees, so the cultural merger was significant.

The Solution:
The Complex Sale (TCS) was at the center of contributing to the long-term success of the new, combined sales team.

Phase 1:
TCS began by focusing on the combined company’s business development strategy in the United States. TCS helped the CGI organization segment their client base, focusing on priority business development process improvement.

Phase 2:
Using the proven R.A.D.A.R.® 123 – Winning Opportunity Strategies methodology, TCS helped the sales teams focus on winning the key strategic opportunities they were pursuing.

Phase 3:
Once key strategic opportunities had been identified, TCS led T.otal E.nterprise A.ccount M.anagement (T.E.A.M.®) workshops to address strategic account management of these key accounts. In addition to consulting around business alignment and qualification, TCS continues to provide ongoing, one-on-one opportunity and account driven coaching to ensure that CGI improves their ability to win the accounts and opportunities that they pursue.

Today, the relationship between CGI and The Complex Sale is ongoing. CGI has a more integrated environment, sales resources are more disciplined about where they spend their time and energy, and the company has won many high-profile, strategic accounts as a result.

What CGI Executives Say:
“The insights into our organization from The Complex Sale have been incredibly valuable. As a trusted outsider, The Complex Sale brings credibility and wisdom to our organization with a unique willingness to engage as an insider to participate and diagnose.”
~Donna Morea, President, CGI

What the Directors Say:
“Excellent. True ‘practitioner’ as opposed to trainer. Real life ‘war stories’ help in understanding concepts being presented.”
~Darren Mawson, Director of Consulting Services

“Expectation was to understand corporate lingo and methodology, and this was met – and exceeded – unquestionably.”
~Gian-Carlo Peressutti, Director, Govt. Relations

What the Reps Say:
“It is an excellent discipline system for salespeople!”
~Fred Pruitt, Business Development Representative

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