About The Complex Sale | Partners

bluebird consulting   Located in Israel, Bluebird Consulting helps sales teams through sales skills development and applying winning sales strategies.

CEO Dori Yaron is a creative sales veteran with vast experience in developing markets and relationships. Bluebird's mission is to establish a professional and high quality housing for methodologies and instructors which would serve and impact the way sales organizations work today.


validity coaching   Established in 2006 and located throughout Asia and Australia, Validity Coaching has a coaching team that collectively offers over 500 years of coaching experience. It is the combination of solid personal business experience, business acumen and successful business coaching expertise that adds a significant extra dimension to the experience and achievement of outstanding business results for all of Validity's clients.


white springs   White Springs is a privately owned and UK based Technology Company formed in 2002. With White Springs sales training technology solutions, learning continues outside the classroom, giving increased financial and performance benefits to training companies and their clients.


revegy   Revegy provides sales enablement software that automates the process, tools, coaching and analytics for sales teams to compete more effectively, strategically manage accounts and win more deals.

Revegy’s visual, intelligent tools deliver a true picture of an account, so that sales, account and channel teams can successfully navigate complex selling situations and visualize how to win deals and expand relationships.