The 6 Tips That Will Improve Your Close Ratio By 200%

The feeling that comes after completing a good sales call is priceless. This is especially true if the client liked your presentation and is agreeable with most of your offers. If the client is excited, your excitement also builds up because it only means you are almost ready to close out a sale. What happens, however, is that the client stalls or thinks twice, so much so that your follow ups and emails remain unanswered.

This may not happen every day, but it does happen, more than you wish it would. When a good sales call turns a little sour, you worry about not closing a deal because your closing ratio will be affected. There are a lot of reasons why this happens and sometimes, it is even up to the client.

To help you avoid situations like this, here are six tips that you can follow to make sure your next deals will be 200% better. Here’s how you can improve your closing ratio significantly.

1. After talking with the client, ask him for a specific date for your next meeting.

Do not allow your conversation to end with, “Okay, sir, I’ll get in touch with you at the soonest possible time to arrange for the delivery of the contract.” Always ask for a specific date. You can even suggest when you will next meet. This gives an impression that you understand and value the client’s need.

2. Be as responsive as you can be.

Your client may ask questions from time-to-time, even after you’ve finished discussing the details of the proposal with him. Do everything in your power to respond to him right away. In the same manner, when he asks for something (like additional samples, for instance), find a way to give it to him immediately. If you can deliver it before he asks for it, all the better.

3. Find out why the client prefers to meet on the date he gives.

You have to find out why the client wants to meet right away, or after a week/month. Are there reasons for this? Is the client’s company still tied with a vendor? Is their financial situation all right? You need to know all these if you want to know how to ensure your client’s agreement to the contract better. This will also help you determine how suitable the package you offered is to the client.

4. Visualize what can happen if you do not meet on the specified date.

Try to imagine what will happen if you are not able to meet your client on the specified date. You can even ask him, so you’ll get an idea of the potential outcome if the meeting does not push through. In reality, though, you simply want to find out if he gave you a hard or definite date.

5. Inform your client about your company’s set schedules.

In case the client does not give you a specific date, let him know that your company follows a set schedule when it comes to product delivery and installation. Doing this will give your client an idea of when the next meeting should be set. Likewise, it gives him an impression that your company is efficient when it comes to product delivery and installation.

Follow these tips, and you’ll see your closing ration climb to 200% in no time!

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