6 Reasons Why You Should Follow Up with Your Clients or Prospects

If you think that 100% of your customers are satisfied, then you’re dead wrong.

In building your startup, customer satisfaction and experience is probably an essential aspect of your business’ sustainability.

This is why it’s utterly necessary that you follow up with your clients, especially after a sale, deal or transaction.

Whatever your product is, you’ll only generate more customers and repeat sales if your clients are happy. Following up is the only way to find out if your clients are satisfied with your service, or if they think improvement is needed.

These are the six reasons to follow up on your clients.

1. Repurchasing and Loyalty

Following up will indicate if your clients want to do business with you again in the future. When you contact them, make sure to present them with a survey on how satisfied they are with your service, they will feel that you care about them.

The survey will show you who among the customers are willing to repeat business with you or if they are unhappy with your service. This will show you how good your product or service is and if you need to conduct some improvements to keep your business going.

2. Differentiation

In today’s market, businesses in different fields are competing for customers, so satisfaction has become an essential differentiator between successful companies and failed startups.

Companies that succeed are always those that revolve around customer satisfaction. When you follow up with you customers, you can have them compare your product or service with other services out there to find where you currently stand among your competition.

Following up will help you decide the next step for your business and how you can make it stand above the rest.

3. Reducing Customer Churn

Customer churn is when your client stops doing business with you due to unhappy experiences with your company. One way to prevent or minimize this occurrence is to follow up with your customers because you can show them that your services are going to improve.

If you’re faced with a client who wants to end your services, following up may stop them from leaving when you tell them that you’re willing to improve your business and give them premiums to make up for their lack of satisfaction.

4. Customer Lifetime Value

In a study conducted by InfoQuest, they found that happy customers make up 2.6x more revenue than somewhat satisfied clients.

This shows that clients who appreciate your services or products are your primary source of income and revenue. In following up with their satisfaction, you will be able to give them an experience like no other. If they feel that your mission is to mission is to keep them happy, they will most likely want to be your customer for life.

The CLV or Customer Lifetime Value increases your marketing dollar returns, and you’ll be able to bring in more customers and revenue.

5. Reducing Bad Rapport

Did you know that an unhappy customer might tell 9-15 people about their bad experience with your company? Imagine losing 20 potential customers for your business. If you account for all your unhappy customers, the potential losses would be in the hundreds.

In following up with your clients, you will be able to hear it first from them and tell them how your service can improve. This will give them something good to say because they’ll see you’re willing to give them the services they deserve.

6. Lowering Costs

Let’s face it. It’s cheaper to retain customers than find new ones. Instead of investing more money on advertising and marketing, why not spend it on customer satisfaction? Invest in a system that will allow you to contact all your clients, such as email marketing, a service hotline or an online survey.

If your customers are enjoying your services, they’ll even come back to you for more. Them coming back naturally to you is one of the cheapest ways to keep your sales going.

Remember, following up with your customers is the measure of your business’ success.

In knowing their feedback, you will be able to improve your business and grow it for the future.

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